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When and Where
  • Making Your Cloud Investments Deliver Business Value
  • 4/16/2024 11:00 AM EDT
  • 4/16/2024 12:00 PM EDT

Cloud is the new frontier for modern analytics, applications, and AI across all industries. The migration from legacy on-premises systems to the cloud is fraught with challenges from a data management and data governance standpoint.

Success depends on having the right strategy, people, technology, and processes to ensure cloud modernization investments are completed on time, within budget, and perform to your business’s expectations. Unfortunately, too many new and existing cloud investments are at risk of not delivering business value in support of today’s most important business priorities. 


Our expert speakers will discuss: 

- Why are companies investing in the cloud and what are they investing in? 

- What are the top data challenges and requirements to consider and overcome when adopting the cloud for modern applications, analytics, and AI? 

- How can the EDM Council’s Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework (CDMC) help with new and existing cloud strategies? 

- How does Informatica support CDMC for cloud modernization? 

Speakers Include:

- Peter Ku, Vice President and Chief Strategist for Banking and Financial Services, Informatica

- John Bottega, President, EDM Council